General Questions

About our company, service & properties we offer on this website :

How is your company different from a traditional real estate company?

Great question. Our company purchases tax liens in bulk. Our model is to purchase discounted properties in high demand rental areas. We then rehab the home and sell to an investor looking for rental income. Almost all of our properties are sold for 25-30% below appraised value. Sure we could make more money on each deal, but we want to give our investors a great deal on a property that will help them to achieve their financial goals.

Why are the properties discounted so much? Wouldn’t you just keep the best deals for yourself?

You’ll find investment properties on this site discounted 20-50%. In fact many of them are located in areas where the property will increase in value 2 to 3 times what you are paying for it in just 3 to 5 years. Because we purchase these properties (sometimes hundreds at a time) by purchasing tax liens we offer big discounts.

How are the properties on this site different from ones I’d find on the MLS?

Most properties you’ll find on our site are ones that you’ll never find on the MLS. The MLS is the “Multiple Listing Service” which is where real estate agents list properties for sale.

Can I use bank financing to buy these properties?

We tend to work with people looking for investment properties who are paying cash and who can close quickly. However, if you are pre-approved with a bank and can close quickly… we’ll consider all offers.  If you need financing to buy a property you see on our site, contact us today and we can connect you with lenders that we recommend and have worked with before.

How do I make an offer on a property?

Simple, head over to our Contact Us page and send us an email or give us a call. We take offers first come first serve… and telephone tends to be the quickest.  Once you connect with us and you want to purchase the property, we’ll require a earnest deposit to secure your offer on that property. We’ll answer any of your questions so you feel 100% comfortable and confident in your decisions.

How often do you add new investment properties to the site and VIP Buyers List?

We’re always sourcing new investment properties… and add new properties to this site on a continual basis. So, check back often as our properties tend to sell very very quickly. Keep in mind, many properties don’t even make it to our website so make sure to get on our VIP Buyers list.

Do you charge any fees to buy or sell a home?

We don’t charge home owners any fees to help them find a solution.  We purchase properties at win-win price.  When you buy an investment property from us, we buy the property at a steep discount, add on our property acquisition fee which is our profit for finding and negotiating the deal… and you pay a still deeply discounted price. A win-win for all.