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If you’re currently investing, it’s likely you’re putting your money into a 401k, IRA, or Pension Plan.

“They” told you that’s the best place to put your money. Stocks, Bonds, CD’s, you name it. While these investments are safe, generally they don’t produce the level of returns as real estate.

Historically there is no greater investment vehicle that has created more millionaires than real estate. According to Forbes, it’s the third-largest source of wealth among the ultrarich, producing 163 billionaires.

Tax Advantages

Another huge advantage to real estate investing is the IRS 1031 exchange rule. When you invest in the stock market, you must pay capital gains taxes in the year you sell a stock at a profit. When you invest in real estate, however, you get a major break. Using 1031 exchange rule, you can sell your property and roll the profits into another investment and forego paying capital gains.

Success Stories from Our Investors

1031 Exchange

I’ve been investing in Real Estate for 20 years. I was hesitant to invest out of state at first but was very impressed with Sean and his knowledge of the Baltimore Real Estate investment market. I have to date now purchased over 50 properties from Thrive. All of my properties are bringing me returns of over 20%.”

Richard Anderson, Long Island NY.

Real estate investments

I live in Los Angeles and can’t get nearly the returns here that I get in Baltimore. I’ve now purchased 10 properties from the Thrive team and I’m very happy with my returns.”

David Kelly, Los Angeles CA

Commercial 1031 Exchange

I started working with the Thrive team about a year ago, I have worked with many different people over the years – these guys are the best hands down.”

John Jameson, Houston TX

Here at Thrive we specialize in selling turnkey investment properties that help our investors create cash flow and build wealth for their future. Our solution is simple, you invest and we do all the rest.

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