Maximum Returns, Minimum Legwork

Thrive investors want high-return, low-interaction properties, so we developed a turnkey solution that affords you maximum yields with minimum legwork.

We handle everything from finding the right properties and making high-end renovations, to tenant placement and property management. We even tell you when the perfect time to sell is to generate maximum returns.

The Thrive Process

Fund your investment with Cash, your IRA, a Self Directed IRA, 401k, 1031 exchange or finance it. Our team even assists you with the paperwork.

Thrive Real Estate Investing has a team of highly experienced, verified, licensed contractors who have helped renovate hundreds of homes for us. Because of their experience and the frequency of work we provide to them, this allows us to drive down the overall cost of renovations to you, the investor. The quality and experience of our renovation team minimizes future maintenance costs and helps to maximize monthly cash flow. Best of all, we manage the entire process so you don’t have to.

Everyone wants to enjoy the returns of real estate investing, but no one wants to become a landlord. We get it. Managing tenants and handling maintenance issues can become a nightmare, and quickly turn your investment into a headache.

That’s why we have Thrive Property Management, an entire team dedicated to finding you well-paying tenants and providing on-call maintenance. We even handle collecting rent. All you have to do is receive your money.

Track your investment gains in your Thrive Investments account. Our team will even advise you on the best time to sell, and when you’re ready, you can sell through the Thrive Real Estate Investing Marketplace for maximum return.

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